Now you can choose the Flavio Premium Class stroller. The Flavio is one of the lightest Bebetto models that has a lightweight folding carrycot. Flavio is a 2-in-1 stroller created just for you! Find out what can be achieved by combining the latest technologies with proven and valued Bebetto solutions!


The Flavio carrycot weighs only 2.9 kg, which makes it one of the lightest in its class. The EPP material used is not only light, strong, waterproof and 100% recyclable – this material also perfectly insulates thermally. Thanks to the possibility of folding the carrycot, its transport is not a problem.

The ability to mount the Flavio carrycot on two levels means that you can adapt the stroller to your height, always having quick and convenient access to your child. Detaching the carrycot is extremely easy – you can do it in two ways: either by releasing the locks in the frame or by pressing the release buttons in the carrycot. In addition, you are able to adjust the hood in two ways: by pressing the carrying handle of the carrycot or by holding two buttons inside. Choose which is more convenient for you!

Flavio Premium Class has a choice of upholstery made of fabric as well as eco-leather!


The Flavio Premium Class stroller is suitable for children weighing up to 22 kg. Adjustable backrest and footrest allows you to place the child in f.e. a lying or sitting position. You can set the stroller facing towards you or away from. You can attach the stroller front or rear to the direction of travel – what’s more, you can fold it together with the frame regardless of the direction of attachment.The seat has been designed in a way to make the comfortable walks easier – from the first days of a child’s life – up to around 4 years of age. Adjustable seat belts – that can be easily adjusted to the height of the young passenger – are responsible for the child’s safety.


The Flavio stroller in the Premium Class version is based on the STELLA, GOLD and SAND frame. And the stitching on the handle in the color of the frame adds charm. The use of narrow Flexy Wheels means that you do not have to remember about tire pressure, and at the same time you can count on comfortable steering of the stroller. To fold the frame, just press two buttons on both sides of the frame and simply press the upper part of the frame. Enclosed movable elements of the frame protect against pinching of fingers during folding.


By choosing Flavio Premium Class, you can also count on a wide range of additional accessories. In addition to the already mentioned mama bag and basic accessories such as a cup holder, rain cover or mosquito net, you can count on something more. Covers for the frame and upholstery protect against scratches during transport and definitely facilitate its storage.


Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat of almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).


Flavio Premium Class GOLD 01

Flavio Premium Class GOLD 02

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Flavio Premium Class SAND 01

Flavio Premium Class SAND 02

Flavio Premium Class SAND 03

Flavio Premium Class STELLA 01

Flavio Premium Class STELLA 02

Flavio Premium Class STELLA 03

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