Discover the latest model of the universal Bebetto stroller. Yoddi is a stroller that you can fall in love with. It is not only the lightest (weighing only 10.5 kg in the carrycotversion), but also offers the most advanced features, developed based on the needs and suggestions of our customers.

Yoddi is a completely new design based on the freshest trends. The design of the double-wedge carrycot hood makes the stroller look perfect.

See why Yoddi is a stroller that you won’t pass by.



The pram’s carrycot is extremely lightweight, thanks to its production from lightweight EPP plastic. It is equipped with a thick, quilted, comfortable mattress. The active carrying handle in the Yoddi stroller allows you to quickly adjust the hood – all you need to do is press the handle and adjust it to the preferable position. This will be very useful when taking the child in and out of the stroller. The hood can be extended – to provide a shade against intense sunlight.

Ventilation in the Yoddi stroller deserves a few sentences more. The hood is equipped with a large, ventilated mesh, much larger than in other strollers of this class. The carrycot has a ventilated front panel that can be opened. This kind of solution provides adequate ventilation even in the hottest weather, providing optimal conditions for the little passenger to travel. The mesh can also serve as a window, allowing you to peek into the stroller without disturbing the child’s sleep.

UV50+ upholstery – both in the carrycot and in the seat unit – acts as a barrier, protecting against the penetration of sun rays into the stroller’s interior.


Yoddi is the best example of how functional a stroller can be. The seat has everything you expect from a model that is lightweight (the lightest stroller among Bebetto strollers) and can handle almost any condition. The stroller’s high durability – up to 22 kg – makes it suitable for older children (up to 4 years old).

The new method of sewing the hood ensures a perfect fit to the backrest position. This allows it to adapt to the position of the child – providing constant protection against the sun or wind.

Yoddi cover is a completely new approach to the role of this element. It combines both the functions of a cover and a sleeping bag. This allows it to perfectly wrap the child during walks, providing comfortable conditions even in bad weather. The soft finish on the sides of the seat allows the child to use them as a comfortable armrest. The child’s comfort is also ensured by the soft mattress.


Yoddi is based on a comfortable lightweight frame equipped with narrow, non-pneumatic wheels. Such a solution makes the stroller handle even in difficult terrain. It is extremely agile – and at the same time is lighter than similar constructions and does not require tire pressure maintenance.

The adjustable rear suspension allows you to adjust the suspension depending on the level of stroller load. The SAS system absorbs shocks while jogging or walking on uneven terrain.

You can fold the Yoddi stroller into a compact size, which definitely makes it easier to transport. Moreover, the seat unit can be folded without detaching it from the frame, both facing forward and facing backward. Yoddi can fit perfectly even in a relatively small trunk.


Yoddi comes with a stylish and spacious changing bag – one of the largest in Bebetto’s offer. This way, you can fit not only the accessories included in the set (rain cover, mosquito net and cup holder) but also many other accessories needed during walks with your child.

Yoddi offers plenty of novelties when it comes to stroller design. This makes it an ideal proposition for people who value unique solutions. Just look at:

  • a completely new look of the carrycot – among others, thanks to the two-wedge hood design, a large ventilation mesh, and a front ventilation panel;
  • a modern seat unit – with a designer and functional cover;
  • attractive details – subtle stitching, a handle with the model’s name, eye-catching Bebetto tags (on the carrycot and seat unit covers);
  • quilted interior of the carrycot and mattress.

The stroller comes with a mosquito net, cup holder, and rain cover. It is possible to purchase a removable bag for the bottom basket of the stroller.


Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat of almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).

Coming soon for the UK market


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