Pascal Premium Class


Pascal is one of the most acclaimed universal Bebetto strollers. Parents appreciate this model due to its high functionality, light frame and unique comfort for small passengers. Now you can choose the Pascal stroller in the Premium Class version.

Enjoy the full functionality of this model, enriched with eco-leather upholstery, shiny frame in extraordinary colors, sophisticated stylistic details and additional accessories. We present you… Pascal Premium Class!

Video is a presentation of Pascal in standard collection.


Pascal Premium Class is a 2-in-1 stroller. You will surely appreciate its low weight – in the carrycot version it is only 12,5 kg. The thermal bottom made of EPP is waterproof and provides excellent insulation against cold air.

The carrycot hood – with a covered ventilation mesh – can be adjusted depending on the weather conditions. The convenient adjustment system allows you to unfold and fold the hood in two ways – either by pressing the carrying handle or by using the two buttons on the base.

You can mount the carrycot on two levels (thanks to additional adapters), which allows even better adjustment to your height. The pram-colored bag not only looks great, but it also allows you to have all the necessary accessories within reach.


The Pascal Premium Class stroller is suitable for children weighing up to 22 kg. Thanks to an additional mattress, allows the child to travel in comfortable conditions. Adjustable backrest and footrest allows you to place the child in f.e. a lying or sitting position. The seat has been designed in a way to make the comfortable walks easier – from the first days of a child’s life – up to around 4 years of age. Adjustable seat belts – that can be easily adjusted to the height of the young passenger – are responsible for the child’s safety.

You can set the stroller facing towards you or away from you. Convenient mounting means that you can do it in a moment (just press the buttons on both sides of the seat, lift and install the seat unit). The hood has a wide range of adjustment, which makes it possible to travel comfortably in almost any weather. The unveiled ventilation mesh is perfect for warm days. It is also a useful window, thanks to which you can look at the child in the stroller.


The Premium Class Pascal stroller is based on the STELLA frame (with white or black upholstery) and DARK frame (with light gray or graphite upholstery). Choose which shade you like best! Elegantly integrated elements made of carbon-imitating material make the stroller look unique. The stitching on the handle in the color of the accessories adds charm to its design.

The frame has a perfect shock-absorption thanks to the SAS system and the side two-stage Soft / Hard shock absorbers. The DMS prevents the wheels from locking when driving on uneven surfaces. The lack of a rear beam on the Pascal Premium Class stroller frame makes the use of the stroller extremely comfortable – it will be especially appreciated by tall users. Flexy Wheels do not require pumping, and at the same time they are highly elastic. You can fold down the frame to a compact size so you can easily carry the stroller even in a small car trunk.


When choosing Pascal Premium Class, you can count on a wide range of additional accessories. In addition to the changing bag mentioned before and fundamental accessories such as a cup holder, rain cover or mosquito net, you can expect something more.

Material covers for the frame and upholstery protect against scratches when transporting the stroller and make its storage much easier. The carrycot stand makes it easy to place the carrycot higher. This element is perfect when traveling – it’s an interesting alternative to a travel cot, but you will also appreciate it at home – when placing the child in the carrycot after coming home from a walk.

Do you expect quality and comfort from the very first days of a child’s life? Choose Pascal Premium Class!


You can fold down the Pascal stroller with the seat – with no need to detach it. But that’s not all! The seat unit can be attached facing towards you or away from you. Thanks to this, you can conveniently and quickly fold down the stroller – no matter if you’re walking with an infant or a three-year-old.


Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat of almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).

Coming soon for the UK market


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