The lightweight, functional and charming Yoddi is also available in the Premium Class collection. This is a proposition for people who not only look for the best solutions on the market but also want to opt for a stylish design. Ensure yourself and your child perfect comfort during walks and… stand out with Yoddi Premium Class!

In the Premium Class version, Yoddi comes in two versions with eco-leather upholstery – in beige or black. The stroller frame has a shiny copper color that perfectly corresponds to the subdued colors of the upholstery. Copper rings on the handle and bar add an unusual style to this model.


Presentation of the standard collection.


One of the characteristic features of Yoddi is its lightness. This is an extremely important feature that you will appreciate whenever you need to carry the stroller – whether when going down stairs or when packing it into the car trunk. The carrycot itself weighs only 3,75 kg, which is possible thanks to the use of lightweight EPP plastic, which provides excellent thermal insulation. The carrycot is equipped with a comfortable mattress for the child – which is quilted, just like the interior of the bassinet.

The characteristic two-edge hood design looks extremely modern. The carrycot is equipped with an active handle, thanks to which you can easily and quickly adjust the hood. To do this, simply press the handle and adjust the hood to the preferred position. The front ventilation panel provides additional airflow, which can be perfectly convenient on hot days. The eco-leather upholstery made in the UV50+ system ensures that both the carrycot and the stroller provide excellent protection against the penetration of sun rays into the stroller.


Yoddi Premium Class is also a stroller designed to be with the child for as long as possible. Thanks to the possibility of wide backrest adjustment (to a lying position), it is suitable even for a newborn. The durability up to 22 kg means that Yoddi can also be used by older children (up to 4 years of age). Safety belts with a wide range of adjustment can be conveniently adapted to the child’s height.

The hood has been sewn in such a way that it adjusts to the position of the backrest without any problems. At the same time, thanks to its wide adjustment range, you can provide the child with comfortable shade or protection against wind. Note that in the Yoddi Premium Class, the stroller cover also serves as a comfortable sleeping bag, which will be useful during walks on cooler days.


The Yoddi Premium Class stroller frame combines incredible design with excellent cushioning and the highest quality. The copper, shiny frame looks perfect but is also lightweight and durable.

The SAS system provides excellent shock absorption when driving over rough terrain. The DMS protects against wheel locking when driving over obstacles. The Yoddi Premium Class frame has been designed to be quickly folded into compact dimensions. Moreover, it can also be done without having to detach the seat unit from the frame.

A spacious changing bag has been added to the stroller, allowing you to have all the necessary accessories on hand during walks.


Premium Class additional equipment is not only about changes in the appearance of the model. By choosing the Yoddi Premium Class stroller, you will receive practical fabric covers for the upholstery and frame in the set. These are very useful accessories that will allow you to protect the elements of the stroller during transport or storage. Thanks to this, stroller’s modules will remain in excellent condition for as long as possible.


Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat of almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).


Yoddi Premium Class 01

Yoddi Premium Class 02